Mutual Recursion demo in Rust and Racket (inspired by Haskell)

This is a quick post on a Rust version of the Haskell evens and odds program demonstrating mutual recursion (as shown in Hutton’s book).

First off, the Haskell code:

  evens :: [a] -> [a]
  evens [] = []
  evens (x:xs) = x : odds xs

  odds :: [a] -> [a]
  odds [] = []
  odds (_:xs) = evens xs

A sample run:

*Main> let string = "abcde"
*Main> evens string
*Main> odds string
*Main> string

So the whole ideas is to have the evens functions display all the characters in even positions (starting from 0), and then odds function likewise display all the characters in odd positions.

The evens function acts as the actual accumulator whilst odds is only used as a trampoline for continuing the recursion.

Now, for a rough Rust version of it (preserving the original character array):

fn main() {
    fn evens<T: Copy>(xs: &[T]) -> Vec<T> {
        if xs.is_empty() {
        } else {
            cons(&xs[0], &odds(&xs[1..]))

    fn odds<T: Copy>(xs: &[T]) -> Vec<T> {
        if xs.is_empty() {
        } else {

    fn cons<T: Copy>(x: &T, xs: &[T]) -> Vec<T> {
        let mut vec = Vec::new();


        for e in xs.iter() {

    let string = String::from("abcde");


    println!("{}", string);

And a quick run:

Macushla:EvensAndOdds z0ltan$ rustc
Macushla:EvensAndOdds z0ltan$ ./evens_and_odds

So, as can be clearly seen, the original string is left unmodified. Of course this version looks quite dirty, but the nice bit is that &[T] accepts parameters of type Vec (or reference variants) and vice-versa. This enables using slicing extensively and naturally inside the functions. The vector copying code could, of course, be made to work with an API call, but I feel this is much better in its explicit form.

The Racket version looks much nicer, being more amenable to functional constructs than Rust:

#lang racket

(define (evens xs)
  (if (null? xs)
      (cons (car xs) (odds (cdr xs)))))

(define (odds xs)
  (if (null? xs)
      (evens (cdr xs))))

(define (main)
  (let ([string "abcde"])
    (displayln (list->string (evens (string->list string))))
    (displayln (list->string (odds (string->list string))))
    (displayln string)))

And a final run for the Racket version:

evens-and-odds.rkt> (main)

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