The blogging moratorium is over! And what a relief that is…

I had a whole bunch of interesting problems that I had been working on lined up to be blogged about. Unfortunately, as it often does, providence decided to lay obstacle after obstacle on the selfsame path, mostly of the managerial sort if I may add. On top of that, some utterly incredulously epic ineptitude shown by my ‘technical lead’ (more like ‘technical lard’).

Anyway, here is a bunch of items that I have in mind, to be dealt with over the next few days:

  1. The whole PostgreSQL 8.3 to PostgreSQL 9.0 migration (continued on from last time) fiasco and how it actually helped me crack a whole bunch of critical customer issues.
  2. A whole series of commentaries on my experiences with the Quartz Scheduler and the gotchas that I learnt along the way.
  3. A really interesting side-project that I had done recently which involves accessing the Windows Registry via pure Java and also demonstrates the aforementioned crass mental limitations of the said technical lead.
  4. Thoughts upon and planned projects for the Arduino (actually Freeduino in my case).
  5. ActiveMQ, JMS, RabbitMQ and the entire Messaging domain (this has been long in the making and is something that I am going to relish writing about!).

And of course, a whole bunch more. Stay tuned!


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