VMware – the final mile

In my last post I had mentioned some IP issues (as in ‘Intellectual Property’ ) as to why I could not pursue with the planned detailed charter of VMware VI/vSphere SDK tutorials. As it turns out, the situation has changed considerably in the meantime and I will be posting the tutorials on a hopefully regular basis. There have been some updates in the meantime of particular interest on which there is not much literature available online. I refer specifically to the UUID generation/regeneration of VMDK files for Virtual Machines.  The rules pertaining to these I reverse-engineered when I was working on a particular feature that necessitated the usage of the ‘setVirtualDiskUuid’ API. Unfortunately, management did not have the cajones to carry forth my proposal and as such I consider it blog-worthy material! Hopefully it will be of use to other engineers working on the VMware ESX Server platforms. This will be the topic of discussion in the next blog post followed by an extensive and intensive VMware SDK (both VI and vSphere) tutorial series.  Wish me luck with the litigations! 😀


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