William Reardon’s rant against Scribd – justified? I think not.

Hilarious. Ludicrous. Ridiculous. Nefarious.

Four words that came to mind when I chanced to read the comments section of this blog. I had posted a comment on it around a month back. It is William Reardon’s (I have no idea who he is) allegedly technical blog and this particular one was one denigrating and denouncing Scribd. I was amazed at the bilious and vicious wording of the blog (maybe he was pissed off at something?) and more than that, the lack of any justification for his rant irked me tremendously. I promptly stated the fact that the site did indeed provide a way to store files as PDFs (which the author had vehemently denied) and also that it was quite a pointless blog. What happened next is there for all to see in the comments section. One thing is for sure – whatever respect I could have had for the author was quickly dissipated within the first two paragraphs. I guess the author had forgotten that noblesse oblige applies to all. Even programmers.


3 thoughts on “William Reardon’s rant against Scribd – justified? I think not.

  1. Hey Timmy, Sorry to hear your opinion of me dropped after only the first two paragraphs. (It usually takes knowing me a lot longer for that happen.)

    I do want to point out Scribd *does* allow you to restrict an ability to download a PDF. Additionally, they don’t give you the ability to download in all “views” of a documents. If you’ll follow the link I gave, you’ll see that’s the case.

    Maybe it’s not /always/ the case (I don’t know — I haven’t spent much time on Scribd, as, in case it wasn’t clear, I don’t like them), but it is for /some/ of documents.

    So you can take a freely available PDF (maybe one you don’t even own) and lock it down, with the equivalent of hokey DRM.

    Personally, I’m against DRM. It seems people are finally realizing that, yet here people are applying it to simple bits of text? I have to be honest, that really bugs me. The freer information is, the better for all, no?



  2. Bill,

    I must confess that more than the content of your blog, it was the insane stream of biased and vicariously opinionated comments that drove me to what, in hindsight, appears to be a seriously over-passionate blog response. I reckon that I should have toned it down a bit myself. About my opinion of you, I must definitely recant that harsh statement. I know that I should spend more time on your blog to form a definitive opinion.

    Thanks for bringing that out mate. I had completely lost track of it what with the pile of work :). I guess we need to be more cautious to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. Our individual blogging styles should not preclude an intelligent discussion of pertinent topics. Here’s to blogging!


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