Back from the future

It has been over a year since this blog saw any activity of any sort. Meanwhile, my other blog has been the apple of my eye… well, figuratively speaking. It has even got some technical blogs which rather belong here. There had been many a reason for the hibernation that this blog had to endure. Most of all, the abject lack of free time, due to other ahem..ahem.. pursuits which would be fair to say, are over and done with now. I plan to start blogging regularly here hereonin. In keeping with the season (that I myself have placed myself in!), here is a brief roadmap to give an idea of the sort of blogs that are upcoming in the next few weeks:

1. C, Java, Perl, Python, SQL, JavaScript, Scheme, Common Lisp, PHP.

2. Struts, Hibernate, Spring, CSS, XML, XSLT, HTML, JSON.

3. My personal website (PHP + Symfony + MySQL mostly).

4. An online forum (Python + Django + PostgreSQL most like).

5. Algorithmics, Datastructures, programming puzzles.

6. Miscellaneous crazy stuff (What is life without being a bit cuckoo eh? 😉 )

Peace out.


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