A few tech blogs that I really like (or have liked… and maybe will like!)

I do my usual stuff at work as a programmer – snooze, code, get high on coffee, sink low on morale due to lack of a decent pool table (and maybe a pool to boot!), self-immunize against weird teammates, vilify moronic management, rant about non-functional AC and the dysfunctional personal life, get hot and cold in the face in the course of the same discussion with a colleague (kinda reminds me of that episode of “Friends”…you know, the one with Chandler (a.k.a Toby) and Bob, especially the part where he trashes his own place), muse aloud on the merits of Design Patterns without actually having an opportunity to use them anywhere at work, crib about cafeteria food, ogle at the usual suspects (a rare and fast disappearing breed), have my concentration destroyed by the blinking chat boxes (I wonder why I never resolve to logout of them?), swivel around on the perfectly unergonomic, back-sweat-inducing chairs, channel mind-numbing 120 dB music pounding through the cranium via the headphones, read proggit, download petabytes of work-unrelated software, print enough copies to supply the Yomiuri for a year, harvest enough E coli in the loo (and more in the e-cafe*) to provide my physician with a spanking new Porsche( remember that episode in “Friends” where Joey assembles a load of cartons to simulate a Porsche to impress the ladies?**), have way too much time on hand to be writing this blog in office, astutely (and dispassionately) observe my IQ take such a negative exponential drop as to make the Stock Market seem a mere candy shop, give in to the the (yes, stuttering here with Diabeticistic Excitement Reverse Palsy or DERP***) rabid urge to stop here for fear of dropping the aforementioned curve to negative… *snip*

Here are some of the blogs that I do read to ensure that I remain clinically insane and soporifically unchallenged. Pop the cervezas d00ds!

Steve Yegge

Raymond Chen

Steve Vinoski

Marc Andreessen

Joel Spolsky

Timmy z0ltan Jose

Hahahaha… gotcha! The last one is the one that should have come first! Alright… not yet!

Have fun. Or at least a muted semblance of the shaded precursor to the imaginary fabric of the bleary facade of the pale illusionary imagination of wistful fun. That a deal?

(*A pejorative, debasing, denigrating, derogatory, dubious, grotesque, degrading, jocular, insipid and gut-wrenchingly disappointing euphemism used for a room with chairs, tables, a water-cooler, two coffee-machines, a wash-basin and on a statistical average – four imbeciles.)
(** It seems to me that the show “Friends” has so explored the nooks and crannies and nuances of relationships that almost anything that one comes across can be connected in some way or the other with some incident that was depicted on that epic sitcom. Hmmm… nice, spanking new theory. Interesting. Wait for updates on this one.)
(*** Naaw, just messing with your mind… oops! brain… dang! neuron (?))

Back from the future

It has been over a year since this blog saw any activity of any sort. Meanwhile, my other blog has been the apple of my eye… well, figuratively speaking. It has even got some technical blogs which rather belong here. There had been many a reason for the hibernation that this blog had to endure. Most of all, the abject lack of free time, due to other ahem..ahem.. pursuits which would be fair to say, are over and done with now. I plan to start blogging regularly here hereonin. In keeping with the season (that I myself have placed myself in!), here is a brief roadmap to give an idea of the sort of blogs that are upcoming in the next few weeks:

1. C, Java, Perl, Python, SQL, JavaScript, Scheme, Common Lisp, PHP.

2. Struts, Hibernate, Spring, CSS, XML, XSLT, HTML, JSON.

3. My personal website (PHP + Symfony + MySQL mostly).

4. An online forum (Python + Django + PostgreSQL most like).

5. Algorithmics, Datastructures, programming puzzles.

6. Miscellaneous crazy stuff (What is life without being a bit cuckoo eh? 😉 )

Peace out.