Andrew Tomkins’ Yahoo seminar

I had the privilege of attending Andrew Tomkins’ seminar on emerging search technologies on April 5th. The talk was held in the ballroom of the Taj Westend hotel on Racecourse Road – pretty close to my office. Andrew Tomkins is the Director of Search in Yahoo. He has had over eight years experience in IBM prior to joining Yahoo.

He seemed to be more the academic type than the presentation type. You know, speaking mostly in jargon and not shying away from having slides full of mathematical equations which of course, he would not explain! The talk was good but I felt that it could have been a bit more concrete. To his credit, Andrew presented a highly unbiased presentation. I could feel the true spirit of sharing of knowledge in his talk. He presented many complimentary examples from rival search engines especially Google. Despite the topic there were not many revelations as far as search technology was concerned. Not much beyond what could be scoured off the web anyhow. I would have preferred a bit more in-depth discussion on the next level of web search technologies.

All in all, a good presentation that was undone by the insensible schedule.


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