Project Oontzoo started

Yes. It is true. I have started Project Oontzoo on March 26, 2007, a very eventful day for me indeed. Now, what is Oontzoo? I am afraid you will have to wait and watch as it evolves to see what it is! Don’t blame me if I like a bit of suspense.
Anyway, here is the list of technologies that I am tentatively using for Oontzoo:

PythonThe main programming language.

DjangoThe framework.

PsycoThe Python optimizer.

PostgreSQLThe database.

SubversionVersion Control System.

TRACThe bug and feature tracking utility.

PoundThe load balancing tool.

MediaWikiThe documentation utility.

Apache2The webserver.

C/C++The ancillary programming language(s).

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XMLThese absolutely required!

GNU/LinuxI got that right didn’t I senor Stallman?

In my estimation, the whole process (learning, design, coding, testing, deployment) will be completed by the third of July, 2007. I will track the progress through this blog regularly (read on a day-to-day basis).

Oontzoo is more of a learning experience rather than anything else. That is its objective. Anything more will be a bonus.


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