Starting with a brief Project Plan

So at last I am embarking on a very important, in fact “the” most important phase of my life. So in accordance with my goals, I felt a nifty little project plan would be in order. Thanks to my Big Guy Vasu for this idea. He really inspired me with this cool project plan that he makes using Microsoft’s Project software. The vendor is immaterial here really. The actual planning of the whole project in terms of time allotted, resources and the concept of “base levels” is nothing short of an efficient wonder! Of course, the plan that I have here is very simple and very pithy :

My 20% projects ( a la Google ):

1. Write a Linux device driver for nVidia’s GeForce Go 6150 card from scratch. Accordingly, I have to learn the
art of writing device drivers in Linux. I have found some good “free” resources for the same.

2. Develop a Live Audio Streaming web application for Ogg Vorbis format using Lisp. Peter Seibel’s “Practical
Common Lisp” and Paul Graham’s “On Lisp” are two resources that I have earmarked for this purpose.

3. Develop an efficient semi-automated Code Review tool for JBuilder as a plugin. I need to get some actual
research done on this as it is not a free software.

My intention is to complete the above projects before the first of March, 2007. Starting of course, today – the twenty-first of January, 2007.

My Main Project for this year ( 2007 ):

Project Phreax.

This I intend to complete and deploy by the third of July, 2007.

This should be a very interesting journey for me indeed. What I am going to learn and how I am going to enhance myself as a person is going to be even more interesting. And the best part is, it will be here for all to share and learn from.

– Timmy Jose.


One thought on “Starting with a brief Project Plan

  1. Device driver for nVidia??? dude, too much of Stallman effect on you I guess…. You are willing to write free code for a commercial company?? way too generous than even Stallman I guess 🙂
    Audio Streaming web application for Ogg Vorbis USING LISP would be a great attempt I guess. One is for efficiency sake, another is to achieve your hidden objective, i.e, LISP evangelism 😉


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